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Saturday, March 26, 2005

"He Who Saves One Life, Saves The World Entire"

That is a quote from the Talmud, the collection of Rabbinic writings which laid the groundwork of the principles of Judaism. It was used in the movie "Schindler's List" to laud the good works of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman whose efforts to save people that his own fatherland saw as damned and depraved garnered world-wide attention in the aftermath of the Holocaust of WWII.

Terry Schindler (yes, I said SCHINDLER, not SCHIAVO---if ever a marriage seemed like a sham, it's hers) is one woman whose life-and-death struggle has itself captured the world's attention.

Anyone else catching the irony here?

Want a little more? Well, here you go.....

It has been said that the Nazis' chosen subjects for experimentation and extermination were thought of---and even literally referred to---as "unworthy lives".

But now, a hospice and several medical professionals---IN GERMANY---have pledged their services to the Schindler family without thought to the cost.
That's right, friends...German doctors and nurses have publicly volunteered to dedicate their expertise to Terry's care and rehabilitation FREE OF CHARGE.

Sounds like pretty worthy treatment to me.

All they have to get through one seriously conflicted lawyer, one unbelievably self-centered judge, and one "husband" who is acting for all the world like he has something rather larger at stake here than just his wife’s “right to die”.

Call me a kook, folks...but this guy is trying to hide something.