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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Good People: Dr. Abdallah Al-Jibouri

Today, I have decided to begin a new regular (hopefully) segment dedicated to those individuals who have chosen, regardless of the circumstances, to make a positive difference in the world around them. I have entitled this new segment simply "Good People" in honor of my grandmother, who once told me straight up, upon meeting my future wife, that "she's good people". (Good call, Grandma.)


For this inaugural edition, I am indebted to a fine lady who goes by the nom de guerre SupeDuJour (tip o'the rock to ye, lassie) for pointing me to a recent article in the Washington Times.

The article concerns a dentist living in Manchester, England, who also happened to be an Iraqi expatriate, exiled from his home for 20 years or so.

One day, he took a trip back to Iraq to see how his mother was doing, and how things were in his hometown now that Saddam was gone...

...and eventually became governor of one of the most dangerous regions in Iraq's Sunni Triangle.

I'll leave the rest of the exposition to the article, except to say that he has since earned the honorary brotherhood of the commander of the U.S. 3rd Brigade Combat Team, and has had someone try to kill him 14 times thus you just KNOW he's doing something right.

Ladies and gentlemen---Dr. Abdallah Al-Jibouri. Give 'im a hand, won't you? He's sure giving his countrymen one.

In my book, that makes him "Good People".