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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Bloggin' Around -- Wednesday, March 2nd

Greyhawk of The Mudville Gazette relates a story of Vietnam vets who are now serving again in Iraq. Share the love, y'all.

Among other things today, Ryan of Cigars in the Sand makes a point about 9/11 intelligence issues, shows us the Iraqi TOTUS and a great view from "his" new pool... and sounds the mourning call for a Chicago judge who has apparently paid a horrible price for daring to hold someone in contempt of court one day.

Orson Scott Card (yes, THE Orson Scott Card) shares a theory which might explain why so many people in this country always want more than they have. (Tip o'the rock to Baldilocks, where I found the link.)

Ann Althouse calls in an enthused thumbs-up for getting to see what REALLY goes on in the NY art scene, assesses Prince Charles' recent debut as an international food critic, and gives us yet ANOTHER reason to ignore...lessee, had it in my notes right here....oh yeah, that fake Indian guy who thinks he's Winston Churchill. (....waitaminnit, I musta wrote that down wrong...)

And finally, Free Will shines the spotlight on something rather frightening (and to some, perhaps hideously familiar) going on with a goodly chunk of Russia's youth....folks, if this story is correct, it is NOT good.

You have your orders. Roger, out.