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Friday, March 11, 2005

Buffalo-ed (or, What Happens When You Don't Drink the Kool-Aid)

Man, are these guys even trying to LOOK tolerant anymore?

The University of Colorado is apparently going for the grand bull moose ribbon in the 2005 Useful Idiot Awards.

They hem and haw and drag their feet ever more slowly in their "deliberations" on the fate of their prized thunder-bird....but, oh NO! Someone said "GOD!" Quick---fire him before somebody hears!!

Apparently, even having two adopted black children can't keep Prof. Phil Mitchell from being branded as a racist and a bigot.

That's right, friends....things have finally come full circle.

"Red man" speak with forked tongue, walk through 100 arrows without a scratch.
White man walk one mile on straight path, become human pin-cushion.

Tip o'the rock to Sworn Enemy for the link-up.