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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Courtship of Elian's Father

Folks, we all already knew something was WAY wrong with the whole Elian Gonzalez thing when he was forcibly ejected from his family's house in Florida and, eventually, the country. We saw that no one intimate with the family wanted any of that to happen...

Except, we were told, his father. We were told that his father wanted custody of him. We were told that his father wanted him back in Cuba. We were told that that was where he belonged. We were told that since his mother was dead, his father was the figure of authority in this case, and that this was what he wanted.

What we were NOT ANYONE....was that the INS knew different. And stomped on it.

This installment comes to you courtesy of Val Prieto at Babalu Blog, a Cuban-American who knows better than most about things like this. You can find the whole story there.