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Friday, March 25, 2005

Bloggin' Around: Friday, March 25

For those who have missed me this past week or so, my apologies. The Family and I had us a bit of a vacation.
Awright, awright, we had a pretty big vacation. Thankfully, the Magic Kingdom still stands, despite our best efforts to the contrary. Heck, even taking down the flag didn't do it.

Anyway, we're back after the 5-day siege, rested and ready to jump back into the fray....
Yeah, right. I'm still recovering from the drive. :O)



Michelle Malkin sounds off on why the MSM is NOT sounding off on that somewhat high-smelling memo that's been going around....and about another matter altogether, courtesy of Redstate, concerning the FEC's apparent attempt to do something about all us annoying pajama people. (Folks, if you run a blog, or just really like reading 'em....READ THIS NOW.)

LGF has, strangely enough, found someone at MIT with a less-than-patriotic view of things in Iraq. (Looks to me like the result of one too many all-night crams while listening to Pink Floyd, but hey---what do I know?)

Sworn Enemy shows us one place where euthanasia could actually do some good, a road map to the Land of the Left drawn by one who knows the territory, and a Brit trying to help us cowboy types understand gun control. (You there in the back....yes, you...stop that sniggering or leave the room!)

And finally (just 'cause I'm feeling lazy and not quite back on track yet), check out the Dawn Patrol over at the Mudville Gazette.....Mrs. G whips up a pretty tasty breakfast report.

You have your orders. Stander out.