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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Bloggin' Around: Saturday, March 12th

Man, Blackfive is just bloggin' his buns off today...a thumbs-up to Roger Ebert, UAW-ers trying to piss off Marines in Detroit (you'd think they'd be more careful, wouldn'tcha?), a really GOOD way to put our tax dollars to use in Illinois, and a university that actually APPRECIATES veterans (hey, Detroit---you gettin' all this?)

Slaglerock chimes in with the upside of getting held up at the airport, and a nasty little story about a monkey who learns to watch what he eats....uh, sort of.....

Val over at Babalu Blog reveals just how "fiscally responsible" Fidel Castro can be when it comes to his people's "healthcare" needs.

And finally, Oriental Redneck wonders aloud:
1) why it took so long for someone to issue a fatwa against Uncle Osama (and---wouldja believe it---from SPAIN???),
2) why a South Korean official kissing the collective fifth-point-of-contact of his Northern "brethren" is so surprising,
3) why the president of Scripps College seems to have a beef with ROTC cadets going out for a run, and
4) ......what the...."Heteronormative"?!?

You have your orders.