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Monday, March 14, 2005

Buffalo-ed: Part II (or, What Happens When You DO Drink the Kool-Aid)

Let's recap for a moment, shall we?

We know that Ward Churchill's claim to Indian heritage has Indians crying "foul"...
We know that his claim to being a serious artist have a lot of people crying "foul"...
....and we know he has a blind hairdresser. (Sorry, but come on. Look at the guy.)

So, what's left for him to fake now, you ask?

That's right, folks....HIS ESSAYS!

And on top of all that, despite all the brouhaha and bad press he's caused the University of Colorado...he actually has the balls to demand a cash payoff if he is to leave the university's payroll.

But the really sad part of all this?


No kidding. Some of these people actually still seem to think he's worth paying.

1). Approach brick wall.
2). Bang head sharply on brick wall.
3). Repeat Step 2 as needed until voices in head stop screaming...