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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bloggin' Around -- Tuesday, March 1st

Herewith, I begin a category of posts rounding up the content of several blogs which I have magnanimously deemed worthy of extra attention. (Nawww...I don't think very highly of myself, now do I?)
Some of these are a couple of days old, so bear with me...I'm a little new at this "roundup" thing, but I'll get there.


Blackfive tells a story of cooperation and brotherhood in Iraq that you certainly won't be seeing in the MSM anytime soon.

General Sistah Baldilocks supplies a smattering of European items, including an article by Mark Steyn explaining why he thinks Europe as we know it is on the ropes.

Sworn Enemy sounds off on the ever-shifting fate of Terry Schiavo. This post includes a link to his friend Beth, whom he credits with just about the best Terri coverage on the 'sphere. I went to take a look at her, and I'd say he's right.

The terminally-SSSMMMOKIN' Michelle Malkin has three stories so far today:
1) the effort to hold Jean-Claude Kerry to his promise to sign that damn form and get it over with,
2) "How do you solve a problem like Padilla...." (set to a tune from "The Sound Of Music", since you asked), and
3) the story of Lance Cpl. Justin M. Ellsworth, and his family's efforts to preserve access to his e-mail accounts after his death.

Professor Mike Adams sends the word around that finally....FINALLY....students are trying to call a college's leadership on the carpet to answer for regulating "free speech" on campus.

And finally...."WAR! Huh! (good God, y'all) What is it good for?"
The fine folks at Wizbang seem to have an answer.

That'll do for now. See ya on the comeback.