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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Note to Self: Don't Piss Off The Professor

Don't get me wrong here, folks....I really like Mike Adams. In my humble opinion, Mike is a shining example of what can happen when you take a guy who's already pretty smart and give him a college education.

I have come to a certain conclusion, however, regarding his social life:
He doesn't seem to like left-brained women.

Don't believe me? In that case, I hereby provide two of his recent columns as illustration.
Class, you may begin taking notes.

1) This one concerns Jane Christensen, who reportedly teaches political science over at North Carolina Wesleyan College. Apparently, she has a website (to which Mike has kindly provided a link for those that don't believe him) in which many fascinating theories are discussed, not the least of which is the amazing discovery of Israel's secret plans to launch targeted anti-terrorist attacks against---well, pretty much everybody---and that Iraqi households, beggaring all common wisdom to the contrary, are apparently big enough to hold about 100 people apiece....when they're not all being killed by us evil Yankee pig-dogs, that is.....

2) ....and behind Door #2, we find (gasp) a shocking revelation! Members of a Canadian feminist chat community have discovered that Mike Adams is a lying, self-loathing, gay-bashing gay guy---even more so than that stupid little yellow sponge!! The horror!! And what's even more terrifying than this? Mike himself has proclaimed that he's only gonna get worse!!! AAAIIIGGGHHH!!!!

The point of all this?

Mike's really got to find a nice, normal girl to settle down with.

Whaddaya say, gals, huh? He's a nice guy, really. Give 'im a break, whydontcha.