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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Some Clay in a Manger: Clips from Will Vinton's Claymation Christmas

Just a little break from the usual eleventh-hour chaos of Christmas Eve.

I saw this when it originally aired on TV (dear God, how long ago was that?) and laughed my eggnog-soaked arse off. Never, in my humble opinion, has there been a more original, warm-hearted, and just plain enjoyable embrace of the classic Christmas carols on the small screen.

Imagine my joy when I found them again, courtesy of this user on Youtube.

Here's a couple of my favorite segments from that special:

"Angels We Have Heard On High", performed by two walruses and a posse of pitilessly pummeled penguins...

....and "Carol of the Bells", as rendered by Notre Dame's Paris Bellharmonic Orchestra, conducted by -- well, who else?

If you like, you can find the rest of the clips that are up on Youtube by clicking on the user's link above. I just really loved these two, and felt like sharing. :O)

We now return you to your last-minute shopping. Good luck, and aim high.