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Saturday, November 18, 2006

For Those Of Us Who Need Reminding: They Have Names

Folks, blogging is going to be a bit light around here for a while. Priorities at home have shifted somewhat lately, which means I won't be able to devote much time to the Point.

Before I go, here's something worth keeping an eye on...brought to you courtesy of Blackfive.

According to Matt, a blogger named CJ was recently inspired to create a website dedicated to tributes to fallen soldiers who might otherwise have been forgotten in the media's rush to undermine their efforts in Iraq.

The site is called "They Have Names", and thus far, is an impressive display of honor and respect. I've checked out the site in question, and the authors seem to have gone to great efforts to deeply involve each soldier's families and friends in the process, in order to offer a fitting tribute to their fallen warriors.

Go take a closer look for yourself. It's relatively new, and so there are only a few stories posted at the moment, but I reckon you'll get the idea right quick. This virtual memoriam is worth the time to read.

UPDATE: Courtesy of the author of the site, you may now access the site at anytime by clicking on the "They Have Names" image located in the left sidebar. Thank you, CJ.