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Friday, January 12, 2007

Introducing: Acute Politics -- The Tales of Teflon Don

"I walk softly, for I tread on the ghosts of years."

--Teflon Don, founder and proprietor of the weblog Acute Politics

Ladles and table-mints, allow me to present a new and most worthy addition to the Point's blogroll...Acute Politics, the brainchild of a soldier running under the moniker Teflon Don, a journeyman student of history who shows a great appreciation of just where he is and what he's doing there.

He's been in-theatre over in the Big Sandbox since September of last year (about the same time this notable blog first appeared on the radar, incidentally). He has had much to report since then, and does so with a more-than-able hand with the virtual pen and a keen view of how he and his comrades fit in the grand scheme of the present conflict.

In short, chilluns...this dude can WRITE.

Stop by and give him a look-see. It's worth the trip.