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Friday, January 12, 2007

Points of Interest: Jan 12, 2006

Jules Crittenden proves that he has a pretty good idea what it takes to win wars, by highlighting a soldier who puts it in practice every day he's in combat.

Among other things, Jason van Steenwyk over at CounterColumn shines a light of honor and respect for a fallen soldier or two, shows us what a little ingenuity can do for the tone-deaf, and verbally spanks yet another pressmonkey for inaccuracies in their writing.

Sniper One of 7.62mm Justice writes a pretty damn good explanation of just what it means to voice dissent AND be patriotic about it at the same time, and gives our political mommies and daddies a "time-out" in the process.

Beth of Blue Star Chronicles does a yeoman's job of pasting Mr. Peanut for conduct unbecoming a former Head Honcho. (I worked for Habitat for Humanity briefly once, and it's a good thing. If only Jimmy-boy would have left it at that, I might like him a little more.)

And, finally, our friendly-neighborhood-pipe-smokin'-assassin Iowahawk gives us several more reasons why he is simply the coolest of the cool, including creepy critters, babes in the big house, and an exclusive documentation of Hunter S. Thompson's most hallucinatory road-trip EVER. (And you though Scooby Snacks were tasty before.)

You have your orders. Stander out.