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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Artist of the Week: Brad Paisley

For this next installment, I have decided to focus on a cowboy poet from Glen Dale, WV who has taken the country music world by storm in recent years. His work combines a deep appreciation of old-time mountain gospel, western swing, and just plain unbridled musicianship to present the world with a fully-ranged ear-friendly package that's hard to resist, even for those who generally dismiss country music out of hand.

Case in point: this recent duet concert with John Mayer, originally broadcast on the CMT Network's acclaimed series "Crossroads". In this clip, Brad joins John (a journeyman guitarman in his own right) on Mayer's Grammy-winning song, 'Daughters'.

I chose this clip to illustrate Brad's ability to make himself fit in quite nicely with whatever music happens to be going on around him. Watch John's face, and listen closely to his last comment at the end of the clip, and you'll get an idea of how impressed people -- especially other musicians -- tend to become when they get a taste of what Brad can do.

If you liked what you just heard (it's okay, you're among friends here), feel free to dig a little deeper at Brad's official site. (Oh, and take a listen to some of his recent Christmas album while you're there. It's a gem.)