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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Thanks of an Ungrateful Nutjob: Presenting Mike Whitney

I'd like to introduce you to someone I accidentally bumped into this morning. His name is Mike Whitney, and he lives in the state of Washington.
I say "accidentally" because I wasn't looking for him at the time. Hell, I'd never even heard of him.

While conducting my usual morning recon, I stumbled upon a post by Jason of CounterColumn concerning this article written by Whitney:

"Why America Must Be Defeated in Iraq"

Not exactly a popular opinion in my household, to be sure. But, in the interest of fuller disclosure, I went ahead and did a little extra digging....and found quite a few little gems of "Whitney-cism".

Here's Whitney writing....for Al-Jazeera.
Here's Whitney writing....for the Palestine Chronicle.
And here's Whitney a few other places that probably WISH they were Al-Jazeera and the Palestine Chronicle.

Boy, I'm glad I found this guy. Now I get to tell him something that he would probably rather not hear from some of us.....