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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Bloggin' Around: Tuesday, April 26th

Jason Van Steenwyk of CounterColumn sounds off in answer to a challenge or two about how things are done in wartime, and gives the New York Times its usual richly-deserved pimp-slapping...this time it's about Humvees, armor, and flak vests and the Marines who love them. Slap away, son.

The Smallest Minority apparently doesn't like people who use their position to get over on the people they're supposed to be serving. Case in point---and a rather large case indeed: the sheriff of Broward County, Florida. (Man, is it something in the water down there?)
Oh---and be sure to check out the funnies while you're there...they got some good ones today.

Baldilocks shows us the OTHER side of that whole flap about the five-year-old who tore up her classroom a few days know, the one who got taken from her school in handcuffs and all? (Here it is for those who hadn't heard about this yet.) Apparently, there's a little more history to be found here, and our friendly neighborhood former-AF-Reservist has graciously done some digging for us.

The boys of Wizbang give us yet another example of spoiled brats who obviously needed a spanking when they were little. Hell, they need one NOW....judging from how eager they are to administer one to someone else....

And finally, A Star from Mosul celebrates her 17th birthday, and shares with us a resolution or two for her next year on earth. Stop on by and light a candle with her, won't you?

You have your orders. Stander out.