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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bloggin' Around: Tuesday, May 3rd

SlagleRock sounds off on the plea bargain of PFC England, and celebrates his 60,000th reader! (I wonder how long that took him, 'cause at the rate I'm going....) Raise your glasses to the Slaughtermeister!

Val at BabaluBlog gets called a fascist (by an ITALIAN, no less) and makes note of a capitalist venture in Cuba (quick---read about it before it disappears!).

JunkYardBlog puts the word out about an "American" that we should all be looking for (if he hasn't already been caught), points out why schoolkids in Baltimore are sucking hind-teat (hint: it's 'cause they couldn't choose which cow they wanted), and lauds the benefits of working in your PJ's.

And finally, Sworn Enemy presents another example of Democrats bitching about something they would eventually end up doing themselves (gasp---the horror!), and the REAL reason burritos are bad for you. (And you thought it was all about carbs.)

You have your orders. Stander out.