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Thursday, August 24, 2006

"What The Hell Am I Gonna Do With This Blog Thing, Anyway?"

Odd question, isn't it? Especially since I'll be celebrating my two-year blogoversary this week. Sheesh, you'd think I'd have figured that out by now, right?

See, here's the thing...I didn't start this project with a particular aim in mind.

I mean, I like to poke fun at useful idiots as much as the next guy, but it's not like I'm a political expert. Like a lot of people, I voted for Clinton back in 1992...and then wondered why a few years later.

I've never been much of a counter-culturalist, even if I have taken a somewhat unusual viewpoint on a thing or two.

And, being a former soldier, I have on occasion piped up and said something like, "Hey -- There's a soldier getting screwed with here!"...but there are certainly more qualified, motivated and dedicated defenders of our military out there in the virtual world than I.

And I do like movies, and have reviewed one or two that I thought deserved it....but I've never been a big ol' screen buff, at least not to the level of some.

So I figured I'd just puke on the screen, and the words would point themselves in the direction they wanted to go.

Problem is...they didn't know either. I guess they figured I was the one doing the driving.
But then, that's the kind of thing that happens when you start a long road trip without a map.

So, two years later...Where am I?

The only real answer is, I suppose, right here where I started. Just a guy standing on a big ol' rock, sounding his barbaric "YAWP" over the rooftops of the world.

But hey...I've noticed that a few more people are starting to "YAWP" over mine. That means there's a few more people out there that have heard my voice, and thought I was worth yelling back at. Some of them are friends now, if only in the virtual sense.

And, if you ask me, that's pretty cool. I am now an active participant in a world that, three or four years ago, I knew next to nothing about. That's gotta be worth something, right?

I think so.