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Monday, August 30, 2004

And now to introduce you to some friends of mine...

Okay, so they have no idea I exist. But I like 'em anyway.

I made mention in my self-introduction that my political tendencies aren't exactly "leftish". I got most of that from my parents, and a goodly chunk of the rest came from my time in the Service. And I am greatly pleased to report that I ain't "da only one in da nay-buh-hood" that feels this way.

The following is a partial list of commentators whose words I will be sharing with you here from time to time. They can all be found at Town Hall.


Michelle Malkin checks in with a piece about how things are going down on the border. (Chile powder, anyone?)

Mike S. Adams supplies us here with a very informative piece on two mysterious new diseases which are currently riding roughshod over college campuses nationwide.

Oliver North has solved John Kerry's war record problems. John just has to do one little thing....


Okay, that'll do for the moment. More later.