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Monday, September 13, 2004

A lonely voice in the desert....

I have heard many news and political personalities (most notably Jim Quinn) calling for Muslims to start policing their own religion from within, before others start taking care of it from without. And it makes sense to me, even if I am just some white guy up in the West Virginia hills. If there is a problem with whatever group you happen to be in, it is usually much preferable to solve the problem "in-house" if at all possible, am I right?

Anyway...until today, I have never heard of any one person answering this particular call.

Fox's daytime talk program "DaySide", however, seems to have found one.

His name is Ahmed Nassef and, according to Fox, he has been making the case for the overhaul of his beloved Islam for some time now.

You'll have to have watched the program itself for the particulars, as I am unable to find a link to the show's footage as of yet.
In the meantime, however, I did a little digging and found out that Nassef runs his own website on the subject, called MuslimWakeUp.

Folks, this site is a really interesting read. The top article of the moment was written by a woman who relates the story of when she went to a Muslim youth conference a decade and a half ago, and there is much more to learn here.
You won't generally find stories like this in your morning coffee, friends. Check it out.