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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Buenos nachos, mein freunds!

Stander here.

I can already hear it......"WHO???"

Well, here's where you find out. A little bit, anyway.

As you've certainly already figured out for yourselves, you have the honor of reading the inaugural post for this here little claimstake. Yay me. {:O) Herein, you'll get a little taste of what to expect in the days to come, and a bit of insight into what kind of a loon I must be to be doing something like this.

For those of you who consider yerselves political, let's cut to the chase right 'ere and now....I am a former soldier and Gulf War veteran with rather conservative leanings. There. I said it. You may fire when ready.


I'm also an inveterate drummer and, as such, I fancy myself to be an appreciator of all things rhythmic. (Which, of course, means that I actually work in financial processing. Go figure.) No, really...I love to drum, I love to listen to drums, I tend to drum on countertops and things when I'm not......uh......drumming on other things, etc. You get the picture....I truly am a knuckle-draggin' tree-huggin' ground-pounder. I have had some training in other instruments as well (a lot of it self-taught and "listen-learned"), but let's face it -- beating on inanimate objects with a couple of chunks of wood or just plain mano a mano always was, and always will be my first love. (Hey, you....yeah, you in the third row back....stop snickering or leave the room, okay?)

I also happen to have been raised by (and I mean this in the best way possible) an old-school Iowa farm girl who has very solid ideas about what is best in life and what isn't, and the world's last true grand-champion Boy Scout. Seriously. Over 50 years a Scouter, man and boy. If you know what the Silver Beaver is, you know what I mean. And it was presented to him by his father, who took it off his own neck to give it to him. That's how into it he was.

I said that to explain this...I was raised around a certain set of values and expectations that, sadly, seem to be all but vanished anymore. Which is why I'm trying to pass them down to my own son in turn. I'm meeting with....well, let's call it a "variable success rate"....but I think some of it is starting to sink in. God, I hope so.

Thankfully, his mother is of a similar bent as I (if, perhaps, a bit more direct in her methods), so we think we have it a little ahead. At least until the day we realize that he's WAAAAYYYY smarter than we were at his age. Hell, he's almost smarter than we are NOW. Scary, huh?

Well, I'll leave off the drooling for the moment. Just thought I'd introduce meself, say "howdy-doo", that sorta thing. I'll pull some more stuff outta my fifth point of contact as the days progress, I promise.

Cheers 'til then, y'all.