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Saturday, July 28, 2007

And Now, Some Good News For A Change

The 150th Army Aviation Battalion came home to Wheeling, WV from Iraq yesterday, to a rousing welcome headed up by Patriot Guard Riders both here and in Colorado, where they initially landed upon their return to the States.

From what I've read on this thread on the PGR forum, the welcome-home proceedings were a raging success. Big kudos to the Riders for throwin' our soldiers a kick-ass party.

The best news? If my information is correct, they all came home in one piece.

One of my wife's friends was on hand to welcome her husband home. Bet she's happy as hell right now. ;O)
I'll see if I can get her to let go of him long enough for me to shake his hand and put a beer in it. (Think we can make that happen, hunny?)

Welcome home, mountain warriors. You have honored us all.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Pop Quiz: What Kind of Conservative Am I?

Just 'cause it's been so damn long since I did one of these....

How to Win a Fight With a Liberal is the ultimate survival guide for political arguments

My Conservative Identity:

You are a Flag-Waving Everyman, also known as a patriot. You believe in freedom, apple pie, rooting for America at all times, and that God gave us a two-day weekend so we could enjoy football and NASCAR.

Take the quiz at

Tip o'the rock to Cousin Lem over at Hillbilly White Trash.

Friday, July 13, 2007

O Sister, Where Art Thou? (or, Biting The Hand That Once Fed You)

Before I begin...I will happily admit that I have had a few unkind things to say about Cindy Sheehan now and then.

But I think we have all known that, entertaining though she has sometimes been, she was never really much more than a tool for those who would have us go back to the glory days of the Clinton presidency.

Well, now she's ostensibly trying to do something other than what her erstwhile handlers would have her do, and....

...well, is anyone really surprised by this?

I can't post here anymore because my potential run for Congress
is not on the Democratic ticket.
I have been deeply grateful for all of your support over the years.
Your love and kindness helped me through lots of sleepless nights at Camp Casey '05.
If Speaker Pelosi does her constitutionally mandated duty and I don't run, then I can come back and post.
I know a lot of you are hostile towards my candidacy. Please understand that I am doing it for your children and grandchildren (and my surviving ones.)
Love always,

That's right, fellow babies...She who was once the darling child of the American Left is showing signs of stepping off the reservation, and has been "warned" by her former fellow moonbats to not talk about it in The House That Kos Built.

True, she's been pretty much off the MoveOn payroll for some time now. But it's beginning to look like she really may have stepped on the wrong toes this time.

So...what are her chances of getting a foot in on the Pineapple Princess' home district?

Well...let's ask some of her "friends":

i have a hard time buying she rationally expected our support. She comes onto a blog she knows (or should, if she's been around so long), is a democratic blog whose purpose is to elect democrats, and lies about and trashes the democratic party.
I'm sorry, thats not rational. If she wanted our support, she should have reasonably laid out a platform for her DEMOCRATIC candidacy against Nancy in the primary. Instead, she 1. trashed democrats 2. advocated an independent candidacy and 3. gave a rant instead of a platform.
Helping my children and grandchildren? I overlooked so many things about Cindy Sheehan in the past because I thought she was doing more good than harm. Our own daughter of a U.S. soldier has been attacked by "peaceniks" espousing Cindy's Code Pink views and still I supported her. That was my choice though and I make a different one today and Cindy hasn't done anything that has helped my children in a very long time, but she has done things that have hurt my children very recently.
Let's see if I have this chronology correct.
1) GBCW [Good-Bye Cruel World] thread.
2) Followed by a diary of the I'm-packing-my-bags-and-you-won't-have-me-to-kick-around-anymore diary.
3) Followed--after a couple weeks when the spotlight of attention swung slowly away--by a diary of the now-I-do-something-a-little-controversial-to-get-you-to-think-about-me-again variety.
4) Followed by the self-pitying I'm really-leaving-for-good-this-time diary.
5) To be followed by another diary of the what-have-I-done-that's-so-wrong variety.
6) To be followed by yet another let-me-announce-something-controversial type of diary (see 3 above) to get you to think about her again, or, perhaps, a varient of the no-really-tell-me-what-I-did-that's-so-wrong diary (see 5 above).
7) To be followed by a self-pitying, well-if-you-really-don't-want-me-here.... diary as a penultimate grasp at attention.
8) To be followed by a GBCW diary.
Replace the diaries with text messages or voicemails, and the pattern is the same as the pattern one finds in some former boy/girlfriends who just aren't willing to believe the breakup is really over. I've seen it a million times. So have you.
....including one Mary Julia, who would appear to have been the inspiration of this latest Cindyism in the first place:

Let's get something really clear, right here, right now. If anyone else on this blog had posted the diary Ms. Sheehan had posted the other day, that poster would have been banned, and rightly so. I found that diary deeply offensive. My parents lived through the Depression, My Dad served in WWII, and they were Democratic activists all of their lives. They worked their butts off for the Kennedys. I recently lost one of my best friends to cancer caused by Agent Orange - He also worked for the Democratic Party all of his life, and died far too soon, thanks to his service in Vietnam.

I am sorry Ms. Sheehan lost her son in Iraq. I appreciate what she did in 2005. But enough is enough. We treat her differently because of all that, and I really don't understand why. I find it patronizing and indulgent, actually. Ms. Sheehan is not the only mother on earth who ever lost a child in a war. There are thousands of families right now who have lost a family member in Iraq.

As for this latest screed, I wonder if Cindy has read the comments from the last diary at all. I didn't "warn" her - I said she had offended me, and as far as I was concerned, she was no longer welcome here. I could care less whether she runs against Pelosi. Considering the views expressed in the previous diary, I doubt she could get elected to ANY office. I welcome any respite I can get from Ms. Sheehan.
Could this "ouster" from the plantation be simply an imagined slight taken overboard by St. Cindy? Hard to say. Losing a child in a war can take people in some pretty desperate directions sometimes.

Unfortunately for her -- and despite any sympathy that might be due a bereaved mother of a soldier -- she milked that cow dry a long time ago.

In short...for once, I am in agreement with the Kossacks.

I'm getting a bit tired of her myself.


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