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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Verbal Ballistics 101: If You Gotta Shoot Your Mouth Off, Don't Aim Straight Up


DES MOINES, Iowa A Democratic Congressional candidate from Iowa is canceling a campaign event later this week with Senator John Kerry.
Brucy Braley says Kerry's recent comments about the Iraq war were inappropriate.

Forgive me, folks....but I just LOVE watching this fool get his forward-assist tapped for him.

So how about he stand up like a man, apologize for making an all-too-human mistake, take the lumps he has ordered up for himself, and MoveOn?

Are you kidding? Apologize to a bunch of knuckle-draggers? He's John Kerry, dammit! He's no lowly human! He NEVER falls!

Sen. John Kerry held a press conference moments ago to address a controversial remark he made implying those who are uneducated serve in the military and get stuck in Iraq. Kerry made it “crystal clear” that he apologizes to no one, adding his remarks were a “botched joke” about the President, not the troops.

Translation: "Don't blame me! Blame that idiot that I lost to the last time I took a bite out of my own ass stole the White House from me! He MADE you think I said you idiots are soldiers are stupid!"

And according to Michelle, the New York Slimes (big surprise) is more than happy to help him make someone else atone for his sins:

You have to read 15 paragraphs down into the story before you learn what Kerry said. Because "the mounting death toll" in Iraq, RINO Lincoln Chafee's disavowal of the war, NJ GOP Senate candidate Tom Kean's and Washington GOP Senate candidate Mike McGavick's thoughts on the war, and the Democrats anti-Iraq war ads are all more important to the Times reporters than Kerry's actual words.

Well, there's a whole lot more people -- including Chuck and Greyhawk -- who are more than happy to help hold ol' Frenchy's feet to the fire. Preach on, pastors.