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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Reggie White is Spinning In His Grave

Somewhere in the neighborhood of twelve years ago, I read a short story by Norman Spinrad called "The National Pastime". In a nutshell, the story predicts the future of professional football in a world where the NFL finds itself with some stiff competition with a newer, brasher league which gleefully promotes feeding-frenzy-style violence, both on the field and in the stands.

In other words....something a little bit like this.

What you are seeing is a bench-clearing brawl which occurred during Saturday night's game between the Univ. of Miami, and Florida International University. (Pay special attention to what one knuckle-dragger does with his helmet just after the Miami flaggers run past. I bet his momma's just BURSTING with pride right now.)

If I have my information right, over 30 students got suspended when the whole brouhaha finally got put back under wraps by Miami police.

Do these thugs have any idea how they're representing themselves here?

If you ask me, the whole game shoulda been tossed out the window right then and there, and both teams' remaining schedules right along with it. They deserve it.

Oh, sure, it won't make much difference to the players (who must have been looking for an excuse anyway, judging from the speed at which this donnybrook developed).

But maybe the loss of some serious broadcast and box office revenue will get the UM & FIU Boards of Regents to do something to rein in these bums.

Tip o' the rock to Kevin Aylward over at Wizbang.