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Friday, October 20, 2006

Points of Interest: Oct. 20, 2006

Today's edition starts off with a missive from our ol' pal Pat Sajak. (Yes, the Wheelwright himself...who would appear to be one of the few people in Hollywood with an actual sense of reality. Go fig.) In his latest installment of "Sajak Says", Pat pops off on the perils of perpetually putting one's prognosticating proboscis in the public puss. (AWRIGHT, awright...I'll stop. Sheesh.)

Next up, Jason over at CounterColumn delivers a solid pimp-slapping -- yet again -- to the good folks at CNN, for their airing of several video clips depicting sniper attacks upon our soldiers...and shares with us an article depicting the pounding the Supreme Court recently took when a new law, just signed by the Commander-in-Chief, put them at least a few steps closer to back in their place.

Don Surber, a fellow West Virginian, chimes in next with a reprint of a recent column of his that got so many hits at once (thanks to linkage from a Drudge report which credited him) that it killed the servers at his home newspaper, the Charleston Daily Mail. It concerns a certain "Grandma" who purports to oppose the "party of the rich"...but wait'll you hear what SHE'S worth. Yowza. (I wish I could afford to be that hypocritical.)

Next we pay a visit to the home of the Dumb Ox, who has a bone to pick with...well, okay, just about everybody, but the big targets lately are George Soros (that's "Saint George" to you, you paeans...just ask the MSM, they'll tell ya) and Madonna. (Because it's SO hard to be a good adoptive mom when you spend every night plastered on a cross done up like a mirror-ball -- oh, the SACRIFICE of it all!)

Finally, Kit Jarrell of Euphoric Reality provides us with an update or two on the status of her Innocent Pendleton 8 Family Fund...and, folks, it's doing some good, according to the mothers of some of the accused. (Keep up the good work, y'all. It IS making a difference.)


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