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Thursday, October 26, 2006

When Kicking Puppies Just Isn't Enough

Man, how desperate was THIS guy?

A child wearing a Cub Scout uniform is robbed of money he raised for his pack by a hooded man at a convenience store.

"I feel mad that he took the money," said 7-year-old Cub Scout Brennan Starr.

Starr and his mother were at a Wawa store in Upper Chichester Township selling popcorn to raise money for the Cub Scouts.

But a man lurking in a hood apparently cased Brennan, and when the scout raised $200, he struck.

Seriously. The dude asked the kid's mom for change, and then ripped the envelope right out of her hands. Right out in the light of day.

How do you get to a level where a grown man steals from a 7-year-old? Somebody help me out here.

Oh, wait, I forgot....the Boy Scouts of America are evil discriminating intolerant hatemongers. Therefore, by association, so are the Cub Scouts. My mistake.

Now all the guy needs to do is find an old lady to flash, and his day's complete.