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Friday, May 25, 2007

One Helluva Birthday Present

A little background, first.

One of my blogger buddies, Russ Emerson, has been facing off with a pretty nasty-sounding series of health problems this year, including seriously reduced control of his legs. He's had several MRIs, and has been dealing with some serious difficulties just in his daily living. (Taking out the trash, for example, has gotten rather adventurous lately.) Theories as to the cause have been bouncing around between things like tumors or multiple sclerosis.

Well, yesterday he finally got the results of his third MRI...and some really good news.

Say it with me, kiddies...."idiopathic hydrocephalus". (Google it. I did.) Suffice to say, it's still something to be looked after (brain surgery is certainly still in the foreseeable future), but it's better than everything else he's been fearing might have been the cause.

And to top it's his birthday.

So come on, y'all....stop on by and wish him a happy one. (Click on the Health tab at his site for the full skinny.) A few more new friends in his corner will no doubt do him some extra good.

Oh---and say hi to Mycah (heh...and Homer) for me.