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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Points Of Interest: May 8, 2006

The well-read-and-equally-well-written Baldilocks is never at a loss for words (when her computer isn't screeching blue-bloody-murder at her, anyway). Lately, she has posted a quick article about things to do in Mexico when you're nekkid (no, there are no burros involved, you sickos) and a somewhat more loquacious piece about someone who may be starting to feel a bit of a draft herself.

Teflon Don of Acute Politics -- a warrior-poet if ever there was one -- wraps up a three-part missive on what he did in the war today. It is well worth the read, and (in my view, at least) gives a stellar demonstration of what would be lost if that ban on battlefield blogging ever really DOES come to fruition.

Our old buddy Pat Sajak shows how revealing those old "come-in-for-a-conference" letters from teachers to parents can be concerning a child's future achievements.

The DANEgerus one opens up a tall-boy on...hell, just about everybody. Today, that number includes:
1) ABCNews for their coverage of the recent DNC candidates' debate;
2) those who would like to conveniently forget something Billary once said about Saddam;
3) Ted Rall for...well, being Ted Rall; and
4) anyone seriously considering paying reparations to....Guam???

And finally, Val Prieto over at BabaluBlog gives us a quick picture of the Cuban-American community as seen in Florida, as a means of contradicting the statements of someone who recently made a film that apparently does not paint them in the kindest light.

(Disclosure: My brother married a Cubana a couple of years ago, and I got the chance to meet my new relations at the wedding. For what it's worth, they certainly seem like fine and decent people to me.)