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Monday, March 12, 2007

Introducing....One from the Eye of the Storm

I know, I know...way too long since my last post. Life marches on. (As per SOP, it's doing so right over my blogging schedule. Yee-ha.)

Just have time for a quick note...but it's no less important for all that.

Major Chuck shouts over the rooftops from his position to shine a clarion light on one who allegedly has been ordered not to write about one's current situation.

Understandable these days, I suppose...considering what's currently going on where one says one is.

Thus, as you have no doubt noticed, I have decided to follow Chuck's lead as far as one's identity is concerned. (None of my damn business anyway.)

One apparently only just started writing on the 'Net on Saturday or so, but is already showing more than a dab hand with the virtual pen. Stop by and give some love. I'm certain that (if my understanding of one's situation is correct) one could use all the support one can get.