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Thursday, September 28, 2006

R.I.P. -- SFC Paul Ray Smith: 1969 - 2003

This one comes from an unlikely source...the mainstream media.

According to Blackfive, MSNBC has started putting together a series of small clips dubbed "Faces of Courage", and released the first of them last night.

Ladies and SFC Paul Ray Smith:

Bravo, MSNBC. If you guys keep this up, we might almost be persuaded to forgive you for keeping this guy on the air.


UPDATE: John over at Castle Argghhh! has brought to our attention that Paul's widow and son, Birgit and David Smith, recently had the honor of christening the Freedom, the first Littoral class combat ship in the U.S. navy.

As such, Birgit is also the sponsor of the ship, whose function (if I have this right) is to act as the sailors' contact with folks back home, to coordinate and participate in special functions such as homecomings, and basically support her sailors in any way she can. Good on ya, luv.