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Monday, September 04, 2006

Points of Interest: Video Edition

Yeah, I know, I've missed a few days and a lot of news. Oh, well. Life gets in the way sometimes.

Just 'cause I've not done it this way before, here's a collection of video clips from around the 'sphere that I have been meaning to put together for a while now. These are examples of patriotism (and other unconventional wisdom) that I thought worthy to share with you.


I didn't watch the 2002 Super Bowl (I don't remember why, so don't ask) so I had never seen the halftime show, which featured a concert by U2, until a few weeks which time Cathy over at Sunday Morning Coffee was kind enough to spike my Joe with a remembrance of it, along with a few other things worth noting.

Back when the duo of country-rock court-jesters known as Big & Rich first hit the scene, I wasn't sure what to make of them. (I mean, come on -- wasn't there a law against country music containing the phrase "bling-bling" in any form?) Since that time, of course, they've proven that they intend to stick around awhile...and that there's more to 'em than just a couple of shined-up hick-hoppers.
Case in point: "The 8th of November", as linked by Jason of CounterColumn. (Now you know why you rarely see Kenny without that kick-ass medicine hat of his.)

This next clip is one of the neatest little flicks I have ever seen. It's called "Reveille", and is provided courtesy of Beth over at Blue Star Chronicles. Folks, if these two old goats can bury the hatchet and recognize what they have in common, the rest of us have NO excuse.

By now, of course, you recognize the name Taylor Hicks. He's the guy who won "American Idol" this last go-round. He's got a pretty decent voice, and apparently knows what to do with it.
This next piece is Hicks singing a song called "Do I Make You Proud", accompanied by some very impressive imagery. I found it on the website of one of my favorite soldiers, codenamed Grey Eagle, for whom the above question has taken on new meaning recently. Check it out, y'all...this is pretty powerful stuff.

Finally, I present my favorite piece of work from Carlos Mencia, a rising comic star who's got an "equal-opportunity" policy all his own....EVERYBODY'S fair game. (No, really. I'm not kidding. Everybody.) He's got a few things to say about why the US military really is the ass-kickin'-est force on the planet, why freedom of speech is getting fat and lazy (it doesn't get NEARLY enough exercise), and EXACTLY why we should be living every moment like it was our last. It comes in two them both. Seriously. This guy just plain gets it.

(Fair Warning: Yeah, Carlos is pretty profane. Hey, sometimes that's what it takes to get the point across. Deal with it.)