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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dammit Bolts & Jesus Springs (UPDATED)

Anyone who's ever worked on a large piece of complex machinery knows what that means.

For those who don't...a "dammit bolt" is any small, hard-to-reach piece of hardware that you just spent 20 minutes struggling to grasp with your wrench/pliers/fingers/whatever, that falls off its mount to the ground just as you finally reach it.

The "Jesus spring" is roughly similar...the difference being that instead of going *CLUNK* to the ground, it goes *TWOIINNNGGG* in the air, launching itself in random direction A to unknown location Z.

You've no doubt already guessed where the names came from.

This is what I am experiencing at the moment with my mumble-grumble-rassin-frassin Haloscan Trackback links.

They appear on my main page just fine, as you can see below. But for some reason, they won't show on my individual post pages for love, money or nuthin'. (No, threatening to manually reprogram the computer with a large prybar didn't work, either. Why won't this thing listen to reason?)

So, until I get this figured out, anyone who wishes to Trackback to a post of mine can only do so from the main page. In other words, just click HOME from the Permalink URL, and you'll be able to do it there. My sincerest apologies for any incovenience this may cause. (Any swings with a Clue-X-4 would be greatly appreciated.)

(P.S. My buddy TacJammer is also having some problems with his Trackback code, and is asking for assistance. I have already represented the Haloscan service there, so if anyone out there who uses MovableType or WordPress would be so kind, please go over and send him a test ping, won't you? He thanks you in advance.)

UPDATE: Looks like I finally got the bugs worked out. I'll be sticking with Haloscan for the comments now. It does mean the Blogger-ized comments are lost, unfortunately, but hopefully I won't be having any more of these problems in the future.
Many thanks to Don Surber, and Deb over at Right Truth, for their kind assistance.