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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Points of Interest: July 15 - July 22

The Smallest Minority, enemy to proponents of political and personal pussification everywhere, shares an interesting viewpoint espoused by someone who thinks they know EXACTLY why gun ownership is not for everyone....and a surprisingly large number of people who seem to agree. (Personally, I agree as well. If this is how one views oneself, one has no business handling firearms.)

The indefatigable Iowahawk shows us how to give a Humvee a tattoo the easy way (LOTS of 'em, in fact), announces the winner of the Hawkeye Hoosegow Honey Of The Year (jailbait never looked so good), waxes poetic on those crazy kids of yesteryear, and drools over a hot rod with the balls of a tank....literally. (Treestumps? Please. This thing could probably rip out your basement.)

I'm not sure, but I think Val Prieto and friends over at Babalu Blog had so much stuff to talk about that they couldn't make up their minds, so they just let loose. I'll let you peruse most of them yourself, but you should definitely feast your eyes on this one, which contains arguably the most painful pimp-slapping the ACLU and/or the Miami-Dade school district have ever received in public. (MAN, that had to hurt.)

James Lileks, one of the most skillful and just-plain-fun-to-read Internet writers I have yet come across, offers a look at how that whole Israel-Palestine-peace-talks thing might be going right now if...oh, say, Howard Dean was in charge. (Hint: make sure you get your parking validated BEFORE you enter the building.)

And finally, Dr. Mike Adams, professor of criminology at UNC-Wilmington, shares with us a few reasons why flipping burgers at McDonald's is by no means the most humiliating and demeaning way to earn some extra bucks for school. Aspiring pretty young coeds...take note. (Any guys out there with little sisters planning for college should read this, too. "An ounce of prevention", et cetera.)

You have your orders. Stander out.