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Monday, July 17, 2006

Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight 101: The Ballad of Jimbo & Geoff

Having been a soldier once upon a time, it really raises my wolf hairs when I hear someone dumping on one. That's probably a no-brainer to both of my readers, of course (hi hunny i love you *SWAK*), but I can't help it. It just gets to me.

As you might expect, I've been getting mad a lot lately. Especially when the one doing the dumping is clearly only doing so for his own aggrandizement.

A case in point follows.

First, let me introduce you to Uncle Jimbo. Those of you more experienced in the blogosphere than I doubtless already know him. He is a former soldier who served in the Special Forces for 14 years, and has more than enough mileage in those years to have earned some serious talking rights...and he exercises them religiously. Rarely have I heard a more ferociously straight-forward defender of his comrades past and present.

He has his own virtual column at the link noted above, but it is a post or two he made in his capacity as a guest blogger of the esteemed Blackfive that I wish to point out today.

Recently, Jimbo posted a video tirade on YouTube in response to a recently-pulled Democratic Congressional Campaign commercial, which used a picture of flag-draped caskets as a political tool to denounce the current Republican administration. (At this point, I would copy the link to the ad in question here, but it has already been yanked out by the roots.)
To put it mildly, this rather stuck in Jim's craw, and he gave 'em a good carpet-bombing for it. (Profanity Warning: Carpets ain't the only bombs Jim dropped.)

Now comes the aggrandizement part. It would appear that an attention-deprived oxygen thief named Geoff decided that Jim's piece stuck in HIS craw, and commented as such therein under the moniker "RadioLeft" (and helpfully provided the rest of us with a copy of the ad itself in the process -- the Internet's a wonderful thing, ain't it?). Apparently, he decided it fell to him to pick up where the ad left off, and started denouncing....well, pretty much everything in sight, including (oh, the poor fool) Jimbo's own service record.

Thus follows Jim's rebuttal.

I will leave it to you, dear reader, to decide which of these gentlemen brought the knife.
(Hint: It ain't the guy who knows better.)