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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bloggin' Around: Thursday, September 22

The good Captain Ed introduces us to Chuck Schumer's staff vacation plan, Air America's desperate attempts to find another cookie jar to put their hands into, and the impending return of South Dakota's favorite obstructionist. (He's BAAAaaack...)

Courtesy of GNN (the Goomba News Network) -- Nawlins mayor Ray "Negligence" Nagin has another GREAT idea (yes, he's kidding, folks...but, judging by Nagin's previous performance, probably not by much), and Star Jones does her part to provide shelter for...well, quite a few people, apparently. (Insensitive, I know...but still funny.)

Les hommes du Wizbang put us on notice to bug the f[EEEP] out of the Gulf Coast area (again), and show us yet another Stupid Union Trick (three words, guys...location, location, location).

Finally, Lawrence Simon takes the Wizbangers' advice....but first, he rigs up his Rita-cam, and provides us with a pretty comprehensive list of local coverage and information for those who need it.


One last note....My own family is in the Houston area.
My mom lives (or, anticipating what's coming, "lived") in Seabrook, but she started beating feet last night, and rightly (thankfully) so. Hopefully my brother and his family will follow suit soon.

I probably shouldn't have to say it, but I will anyway.
If you still have people in the Houston-Galveston area....PRAY for them. HARD.

I am.