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Monday, July 18, 2005

Bloggin' Around: Monday, July 18th

Among other things today, Blackfive reminisces about his days as a doughboy (hic), points out the wisdom of John Howard, steers us to the continuing good works of Michael Yon, and tells the tale of a battleground that even HE wasn't prepared for.

The good Captain Ed slaps a couple of newspapers around with the yardstick of their own fallen standards, and introduces us to yet another effort to redefine "Love, American Style".

Ace of Spades is proud to direct our attention to a Canadian-Muslim TV chick who apparently hasn't gotten the memo yet. (Either that, or she decided that the Kool-Aid was just a little too bitter for her taste.)

TacJammer has a word or two concerning the UN's recent rumblings about Internet management (yep---one more thing they don't want Americans in charge of), highlights the words of Mona Charen, and shows us the radical American Left's idea of "camouflage". (Oh, if only.)

And finally, Val Prieto's BabaluBlog is chock-full of interesting stuff from the past few days. Visit the main page for all of his recent articles, to be sure, but here's some highlights:
--a different theory on the outing of Ms. Plame (not just who, but when)
--yet another example of what hard-case liberals do when they meet a law they don't like ("Law? What law?")
--and the continuing saga of a dangerous journey. (Folks, seriously...if nothing else, READ THIS and all that came before it. And if it does not move you even just a little bit, you are hereby directed to proceed to your local trauma center and sign up for an immediate heart transplant, 'cause the one you got don't work no more.)

You have your orders. Stander out.